Our Mission is to protect and serve Waterkloof and its residents.

Welcome to the new WHA website. This website gives an over view of the following:

Recently we have experienced an uncontrollable onslaught of applications for densification of Waterkloof and Waterkloof Ridge.  The City of Tshwane are persisting with their densification policy of Waterkloof and Waterkloof Ridge and currently appear to be blindly supporting each and every application received, no matter what the circumstances or impact on our area.

In January 2019, we took the City of Tshwane on review to the High Court for the approval of a proposed development of 80 units/ha on the corner of Main Street and Rautenbach Street, which if approved, will result in a building of 5 and 4 storeys high.  We greatly appreciate the assistance received from Advocates and an Attorney, who all reside in Waterkloof, in order to take the matter to the High Court.

Recently, we also opposed the rezoning of erf 1300 (corner of Albert Street and Dely Street) which seeks to rezone from residential to business 4, and which includes the widening of Albert Street at Dely Street.  There are currently also several blatantly greedy rezoning matters pending, most of which applications request 25 units/ha, resulting in 6 units (mostly double story) constructed on a single 2552m2 erf – unfortunately, two of these applications are from our own residents.

The latest application is for a HOTEL consisting of 50 rooms on erf 1187 (in Sidney Street).  The matter is to be heard on Wednesday, 10 July 2019 and we urgently require the services of professional experts.  This is definitely one of our most serious threat to date which will cause irreversible damage to Waterkloof as a residential area.  We cannot afford to lose the hearing as the City of Tshwane would happily allow the development to continue based on their previous rezoning actions as witnessed.

The above Hotel development affects all of us, if approved it will set the president for a variety of other commercial developments, unsuitable within a core residential area, not to mention that the site is located at one of the most dangerous bends in Waterkloof.  Our suburb is at severe risk of not recovering from this type of commercial over development, and the character of Waterkloof will be lost forever.

We therefore, urgently request your support and the urgent need for your financial contribution to assist with the appointment of a professional team to represent us (Waterkloof residents) at the rezoning and development hearing on Wednesday, 10 July 2019.  The pro-bona assistance received from skilled legal residents in Waterkloof is greatly appreciated.  However the legal team needs to be reinforced by external, specialist skills which we do not have for this particular hearing.  We therefore request a contribution of between R200 and a R1000 per household to fund the specialist skills needed to defend the objection of this application. 

We greatly appreciate your donation.  As a community we cannot afford to lose this matter, Waterkloof is under attack and this application will set the president for other, similar applications to be rubber stamped in Waterkloof going forward.  The plea for financial assistance in this matter is for a critical cause which will impact all of us.  We have the choice to make it either a positive impact or a bad experience.

Please use the reference “DENSIFICATION/your surname” and pay your contributions to the following account:

BRANCH CODE: 335-345
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4067033096

Please also e-mail proof of payment to waterkloofhomeowners@gmail.com as this will assist us to keep track of contributions received.

We thank you for your support and contribution, it’s our combined responsibility to safeguard Waterkloof.

Address: PO Box 95337
South Africa
E-mail: waterkloofhomeowners@gmail.com